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welcome to our online gallery

This gallery is filled with a varied selection of small and unique wall art by international artists.

The artists each have their own page, showing the work they wish to sell. Just click on a name from the list at the bottom of this page and you’ll be taken to this artist’s gallery.

 Our art will fit standard size frames. Standard sizes vary in different countries, but work which is mounted onto a matt can be cut to the appropriate size. Of course you can also have the work custom framed.

Some of the work is already framed, attached to a canvas or has a hanging sleeve, ready to hang.

We invite you to have a look around the gallery!

Should you be interested in purchasing a piece, you can contact the artist to discuss payment and shipment or for any questions you might have. You can find the email address at the bottom of the gallery page.

As this gallery is a work in progress, you will find that every time you come back, there will be new artists’ pages and work.

We hope you’ll visit often!

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